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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Darwin and Intelligent Design Curriculum

i had a friend email me and told me that they were disturbed by the ruling of a pennsylvania judge on the subject of the biology curriculum in a certain school district. this was my reply to their email.

simply going by what i've heard on tv and read online. i'm okay with the courts decision to remove intelligent design from it's science curriculum and create an elective class on the subject. i support this because intelligent design a/k/a creationism isn't science. it is God. it is a miracle, and something that science can't explain. due to us not being able to explain the miracle of creationism scientifically we must rely on our faith in God to believe in it.

also, what is the church for? why would it bother us that intelligent design is being removed from school? if we as christians do our due diligence in being a disciple to our children and spreading the word of God, we should not care that they teach the theory of darwin in public schools. if anything being taught one subject at school and another opinion of the subject at church or at home would help our children learn that they can't take everything at face value. it would help teach our children to keep an open mind, how to deal with confusion, how to debate with peers, and teach them to analyze information in order to come up with their own opinions.


At 12/21/2005 10:26 AM, Blogger The Monkey Attack Victim said...

I completely agree. I think that both sides get carried away what should and should not be allowed. I don't think creationism belongs in the science classroom. It belongs in your home, in your church and in your heart. In my opinion, putting it in a science class does nothing but weaken its stance. It can't be proven. It has no data to back it up. No test can be run to show it is true. Therefore, it must be some "crazy Christian" thing.


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