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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Break

i haven't posted anything in a week, but i guess we have to take a break from everything now and again. actually i would have loved to have written about my christmas break, but when i'm in my hometown visiting my family my internet access is limited.

even though i have lots that i could ramble on and on about i'll just give a simple recap of my christmas break. for me it started on friday. i got up early and drove the 130 mile drive to my home town on the border of texas and oklahoma. i really looked forward to that day because i love shopping for cars and my brother, who just got back from iraq, was in need of a car. we test drove a few cars. first the nissan titan. nice, but not my brother's cup of tea. next was the mustang gt. this is a sweet ride my friends. sporty, insanely fast, a smokin' 1000 watt sound system, and a surprisingly quiet and smooth ride. following the mustang we stuck with american muscle by testing the dodge charger. sleek, smooth, fast, a bit pricy, and according to my brother it was too much like a family car. after that we hit the foreign market again by driving a mazda rx-8. very sporty, quick, turns on a dime, but it felt like you were riding in a buggy through the parking lot of a local retail store. in the end my brother made the right choice by choosing this mustang gt.

he let me drive it a couple of times and i could see myself in one if i had the money to throw around, but i think i'll stick with my fuel efficient corrolla that gets 10 mpg better fuel economy than the mustang gt.

later that friday afternoon my brother, my dad, and i had spent half an hour corraling my dad's jackass that had jumped two barbed wire fences because he was horny. it was because if this my dad and i spent a couple of hours on saturday adding 18 inch extensions to the standard 4 foot barbed wire fence.

both friday and saturday night my brother and i went out with some friends to a couple of local bars. friday we went to one that i had never been too and may never again. saturday we went to our normal hangout called the west end. where we did the usual beer and pool. we where disappointed when we found out that our favorite bar tender had the night off, but i was happy she had the night off because i felt she deserved it.

sunday we had christmas breakfast at my aunt and uncle's house where a few presents were given. i even received a few gifts even though i didn't want to. i love the gifts and will put them into good use. heck i'm wearing some of them right now. i just didn't want any gifts because i couldn't afford to buy gifts this year due to some bad credit card decisions that i had made over the past few years. also i personally feel that christmas isn't about exchanging gifts, but about giving to those who are less fortunate than we are. interestingly enough some my best gifts weren't given to me as christmas gifts. they were just random things that members of my family couldn't use or didn't need that i really liked and could put to good use. i got a pair of boots that my grandpa gave my dad and my dad had to give to me because they fit him a bit too tight. my brother gave me his extra pair of winterized military boots that he get from his tour in iraq, and my cousin gave me a sweet indiana jones looking hat that he picked up during his trip to peru a few months back.

monday my brother and i spent the afternoon checking out digital video cameras for the ski trip that he wants to take within the next few months. we found one that is small and can be strapped to his head while he is snow boarding, and it wasn't that expensive either. all in all i had a wonderful christmas break because i was able to spend quality time with my family, and is all i really wanted for christmas.


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