"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Motivation Killer

the temporary position that i've been filling at the bank is quite boring. i'm four months into the five month job and i must say that it is extremely hard for me to motivate myself to do my work. this morning, like every other morning, i started working way after my scheduled start time, about two hours after to be precise. it doesn't always talk me that long. normally only an hour or so, but yesterday and today have been a bit different. maybe it was the christmas break that did it to me. any how, two hours after i started actually working the mainframe that i work with was taken offline for some quick maintenance. this my friend is a major motivation killer. i now have about fifty minutes until my lunch break and i'm not sure how much i can motivate myself to do. i was told about two minutes ago that the mainframe is back online, but here i am typing away on my blog. if they only knew the damage they have done.


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