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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stock Show

yesterday evening i had a date with a woman named taryn, who is a part-time financial advisor like me, at the fort worth stock show. like me, taryn grew up in a country town, but i grew up "in town" and she grew up in what i would officially call the country. in school she took agricultural classes and really became immersed in that lifestyle. last weekend i asked taryn if she wanted to hang out with me sometime and she accepted. earlier this past week she suggested that we go to the stock show. i've never been to the stock show. so i was more than happy to go and see something new.

i might have grown up "in town", but i'm no stranger to farm animals. as of yesterday i can tell you that i was a stranger to the stock show lifestyle. it was fascinating to see how seriously people take showing animals in competition. it is a life style and a people that i'm quite comfortable with. there is just something that i find attractive about the simpler and more rugged lifestyle.

taryn and i walked around the show looking at the animals while she educated me on what people were doing and why they where doing it. it blew my mind to find out that there are professional cow groomers! i had my own personal tour guide to the show and that was awesome. there was one section that i was surprised to see and happen to know more about than she did. this was the rabbit show. i grew up owning a mini lop rabbit which is a bread that is known as a show rabbit. after an hour or so of walking and talking we stopped to eat. while i was in line buying my jambalaya she ran off to go buy a barbeque sandwich in another line, and without me know it show bought me a cookie. what better way to get a man's attention?

after eating we decided to go watch the rodeo. it just so happened that her boss's grandma is a ticket taker at the rodeo and we scored some free tickets! free tickets are always greatness. the rodeo lasted about two hours and ended at 9:45. we walked out to her car and talked for about 15 minutes out in the cold. it was there that we decided it was early and i suggested that we go hangout a dennys for a while. little did we know that a while would turn into almost six hours! we literally sat in dennys from 10:30pm until 4:15am talking. what is even more off is that all that was ordered at our table was my decaf coffee and her water. needless to say we had a great time together and i really look forward seeing her again.


At 2/05/2006 4:41 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

those are the best dates - when you talk so much you don't realize how long you have been there. Oh,by the way, are you proud of me for settin up a my space? it is closer to having a blog that i thought i would ever be:)

At 2/07/2006 9:35 PM, Blogger Keymaster said...

you met a girl named Taryn? You mean there are more than one of them out there??? Seriously, the date sounds awesome - you should invite her to the party.


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