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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Is It That Catchy?

is my nickname, j lay, that catchy? it was a nickname that started with my friends that i go to church with in dallas. it is a nickname that i like because it is unique, and when someone says j lay i know they're talking to me. i'll even introduce myself as j lay when i meet someone new at church.

then there are people that i've met through work and other social settings that don't know me as j lay. i introduce myself as jason and they call me jason. that is until they receive an email from me. on my email account i have my first name set as "j". so when people get an email from me it shows up as j lay in the "from" field. recently three people who only know me as jason have started emails that they have sent me with the name j lay instead of jason. so is my nickname really that catchy? should I just introduce my self as j lay for now on?


At 3/05/2006 1:52 PM, Anonymous faith said...

When I called the party (that mol/red/white party) I was talking to Eric and he asked me who I wanted to talk to next I said "Jason" and he said "you mean J-Lay?" .."Yes" I said "that Jason".

I don't know you in the real world, but simply going by your blog I see you as someone who has alot of class (charactor wise) and I find that to be a rare thing in this world. I have a good friend who's name is Jason and he a guy with strong charactor too...so I automatically want to call you Jason and not J-lay. It's just personal association for me not that "J-lay" doesn't have charactor...but in my mind Jason has more. Does that make sence? lol...nicnames are fun though, but I like calling you Jason.


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