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Sunday, June 04, 2006

46,260 Miles

when i bought my car on june 3rd of 2004 it had 8 miles on its odometer. 4 of which i put on it while test driving it. as of yesterday morning it had 46,264 miles on its odometer which means i've owned it for 46,260 miles. which is officially the longest i've ever owned a car as far as mileage is concerned. i drove my first automobile 33k miles before selling it to my grand parents to tow behind their motor home. i drove my second automobile 42k before it was stolen and chopped for parts. the vehicle i replace it with made it 23k before i traded it in, and i only drove its replacement 9k before i dumped it due to high gas prices.

taking into consideration my budget and my desire to not have a car payment for life, i will say that 46,260 miles is just the beginning of my new record. who knows, maybe i'll break my highest mileage record with it too? though i am 119k away from it.


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