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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It Has Been A While

it has been a while since i dated anyone. to be more specific it has been 15 months. i've gone on dates in the last 15 months, but i haven't officially dated anyone. now that i've said that, this all may change. i met a woman last tuesday at the bank while making a deposit. this woman i speak of was my teller. of course the first thing i noticed was that she is pretty. soon we started talking about working for the bank since my account stills says i'm an employee of the bank, which i haven't worked for since jan 31, 2006. never-the-less this is no mistake on the banks part. part of my severance package was that my employee benefits last for a good while. back to the story. after she finished my deposit we said our goodbyes and i was on my way.

the very next day i go to the bank again to get a cashier's check. two visits inside the bank in a month is rare for me, much less back to back days, but the ATM won't give me a cashier's check. so i had no choice. to my surprise, and as i hoped, i was called to the counter by the same teller, and proceed to pick up where i left off the day before, flirting. getting a cashier's check can be a lengthy transaction so i had plenty of time to chat. while chatting i pulled out a business card and wrote my email address on the back. at this point my hands are starting to sweat and my heart is beating faster for because my brain has told them what i'm about to do. after she handed me my check i handed her my card and told her to call me or email me if she wanted to her anymore stories about my experiences while working at the bank.

i honestly didn't expect her to email me anytime soon, if at all. i try not to get my hopes up if at all possible. surprisingly that night she sent me an email. then she replied to my reply by sending me here number. what do i do? i call it of course. we ended up setting up a date for the coming weekend. a date in which i took her to dave and buster's. we had a lot of fun that night playing video games, basketball, ski-ball, and shuffle board.

during one of our conversations i told her that me being so bold as to give a woman my card and asking her to give me or call or shoot me an email was not something i do very often at all. at which point she tells me that keep such a card isn't something that she normally does either. stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary, but it is also when you reap the biggest rewards.


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