"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Song For a Co-Worker's Husband

i work with a woman who told me about a bad day that her husband had recently. after she told me about it i said that it could be a country song. with that running through my head for a day i decided i would write a song about her story. i changed the facts up a bit to help the song flow more smoothly.

I’ve Seen Better Days

Today, I can say I’ve seen better days

I came home to an open back gate
My boxer off and left me
I sure hope he don’t forget me

Today, I can say I’ve seen better days

As I shuffled through the door
I saw indentions on the floor
Where my favorite coffee table once stood
I asked my wife where it went
She told me she sold it to pay the rent.

Today, I can say I’ve seen better days

As I laid down on my bed
A bad thought entered my head
Tomorrow I have to take my truck to the shop
Last week someone hit it
And ran off before I could see who did it.

Today, I can say I’ve seen better days
Lord knows that I’ve seen better days

Monday, July 23, 2007

Helping Others Via The World Wide Web

on july 12th i was sitting at my desk, bored, at work and i was looking around the yahoo homepage. i noticed a link at the top right that read "answers". i found this intriguing and decided to click on the link. this took me to a site that allows registered users to post questions on a bulletin board-like page to be answered by other registered users. users get 2 points for answering a question and 10 more points if their answer is chosen as the best answer to the question. i've been a registered user for eleven days and i have answered 219 questions. 13 of which have been chosen as a best answer. there are other ways to gain points on the site as well as loose them. at certain point totals you get promoted to higher levels that allow you to answer more question each day as well as rate the answers of others. to date i have 705 points and i'm 295 points from the next level, level 3. your points don't allow you to buy anything and the person with the most points doesn't earn a prize. the point system simply allows users to see the level of participation of other users, and can give you a reason to brag to your friends.

i really like answering the questions of others. it feels good to be able to help someone in need and i think this is a really cool venue for helping others. there are many stupid questions that get posted each the day. there seem to be a lot of users that do not take the site seriously, but there are people that do and post legit questions. if you like helping people, and have the patients to sift through some of the stupid question, i invite you to join the site.

to join go to

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Beatie Boys Have Become Mutes

this morning i was browsing yahoos website as i do most morning. one of the main links was to the new beastie boys video from their new album "the mix-up". their new album is a fully instrumental album and according to the short review i read it is their second consecutive fully instrumental album. i must say it was weird to watch a beastie boys video in which not a word was spoken. i give the boys props for taking a leap and producing a completely different genre of music. To go from a genre that is based largely on lyrics alone, rap, to one without lyrics at all is quite a change. despite giving them kudos, i must say it is still weird to see a music video without a single word spoken, rapped, or sung.

Monday, July 02, 2007

My First Comedy Club

on saturday i took amelia, the woman i've dated for six weeks now, to the "4 day weekend" comedy club in downtown fort worth. i'd never been to a comedy club before. my only experiences with comedy are what i've seen on tv.

at "4 day weekend" the do improvisational comedy. when you walk into the theatre you notice a screen onstage that has instructions projected onto it. it tells the audience to use the post-it notes and note cards on the table by the door to help them with their show. on the post-it notes you write a noun on the sticky side of the post-it and stick it on a board handing on the wall. on a note card you are to write a phrase (preferably not any from movies or tv shows) and you place it into a container.

throughout the show they choose post-its and note cards at random and create a skits around them. the comedians are quite witty and do an excellent job developing material on the spot. at times they even use audience members or information about audience members to develop a skit. it adds the element of an inside joke to the show, which was awesome. i have to recommend going if you've never been. i know i plan on going back. the laughs are well worth the $20 ticket.