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Friday, January 19, 2007

Christian Kissing

i recently had a friend pose this question to me.

"what would u say to someone or what would ur argument be to someone who says christians shouldn't kiss before marriage?"

it was an interesting enough topic for me to post on my blog, and here is my answer.

the statement that christians shouldn't kiss before marriage is ridiculous. there is nothing biblically wrong with people kissing. kissing is a sign of affection, like hugging. there are european cultures that interoperate a kiss like we do hugs. on the flip side for someone who has been raised in a culture that limits kissing to sexual relations, then that could be a legitimate reason to want to abstain from kissing until marriage. for some, kissing someone might make it very hard for them to control certain desires. you know what desires i'm talking about.

so it isn't so much a christian ordeal as it is a cultural or personal ordeal. there have been powerful men in christian history that have chosen to never be alone with a woman that they are not married to so that no one could ever speculate that they have acted immorally with a woman, and so they wouldn't be tempted to. they didn't do this because they thought christians shouldn't be alone with someone of the opposite sex before marriage. they did it to protect themselves, and someone not wanting to kiss before marriage should be respected for their feelings about the subject. at the same time they should know that such a choice isn't a biblical mandate.

my black and white answer is that it isn't wrong to kiss before marriage. on the other hand, if it helps an individual stay pure of heart and closer to God, i can respect such a choice. alcoholics make similar decisions. drinking alcohol isn't wrong, but for some people it can lead to immoral acts, and i think that is how some christians feel about kissing.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Motivation & Momentum

i must say that i've definitely become lax in my blogging. i wouldn't say i've become burnt out, but i have lost the motivation to write about my experiences on a regular basis. i wouldn't even say i'm all that motivated to write at this moment, but i feel that i should.

what is on my mind right now is that i had a good 2006, but i didn't accomplish what i wanted to accomplish in 2006. that thought gives me the feeling of a loss of momentum and at the same time a bit of motivation. i feel that one needs motivation to overcome the loss of momentum. the only question is whether i have enough motivation? i did have enough motivation to get my ass of my coach at 9pm last night to go to the gym. i tell you what, that box we call a television can really cause a guy to waste his life away. if i didn't have my brother living with me i think i would hide it in a closet.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How Animal Crackers Are Really Made

i always thought animal crackers were made by imprinting animal figures into cookie dough, but come to find out they make themselves.