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Thursday, July 28, 2005

DANGER Will Robinson! DANGER!

on tuesday night when i arrived at my apartment. a domino's employee was selling medium pepperoni pizzas for $5. they have been doing this every tuesday for a couple of months now. though this past tuesday was my first time to take advantage of the offer.

i must admit that i love pizza. i enjoy buying the freschetta or digiorno pizza from the store or buying pizza from a restaurant.

here is the problem that i face. when i eat a pizza alone i inevitably eat the whole pizza in one sitting. i'll cut it into 8 slices and start chomping'. the next think i know there are only two slices left. at this point i'm no longer hungry, but i look at the last two slices and think to myself.....this isn't enough for another meal. then i proceed to eat the last two slices. this is a bad habit that i've had trouble kicking.

here is the danger behind this.

dominos medium pepperoni (original crust) - 1784 calories (76 grams of fat)

based on this website. this would be 64% of my daily allowance. assuming i am doing a light exercise 1-3 days a week. this isn't so bad seeing as i tend to eat a small breakfast and modest lunch. the real danger is the amount of fat. according to the university of maryland i should be eating no more than 85 grams of fat a day. meaning the pizza alone is 90% of my daily fat allowance. i just can't see this being good.

is there anyone out there to help me eat my pizza?


At 7/29/2005 9:00 AM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

listen j-lay all you need is a little bit of self control.

the dominoe's by my house has had that special for years on wednesday night's (wild wednesday! they call it) and amy and i have partaken for years. here's how we do it:

3 pieces each for dinner that night, and then 2 pieces as a leftover meal for the next day.

divide it out that way and you average 25 fat grams per meal. plus that's all you need for sustenance.

disciplie, j-lay, discipline.


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