"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Monday, August 01, 2005

Rodeo Outcome

the rodeo was fun. the cowboys didn't fair so well. so the best parts were the cowboy poker, chuck wagon races, whiplash the sheep herding monkey, and the kids who road the sheep. i thought that was the funniest. they would put 4-6 year olds on sheep in the shoots, dressed up like a bull rider, and they would let the sheep out of the shoot. instead of bucking they would just sprint. it was so funny watching the kids hang on for dear life. they loved it though. there was this one little girl that they had to pry off the sheep. she just wouldn't let go. after the rodeo my date and i went to a bar called hurricane on lower greenville and then came back to my place and watched "i am sam".


At 8/01/2005 2:09 PM, Anonymous Jnise-paving the way for Gen Y said...

huricane=great place.try their queso.
used to visit ther frequently in the good ol days.

At 8/02/2005 12:00 AM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

viva la rednecks.

At 8/02/2005 10:46 PM, Blogger Teresa said...

I grew up in a small 'country' town and we had rodeo all the time as well. It was the 'thing' to do (since there wasn't much else to do) The kids on the sheep is always really cute! (we call it 'mutton bustin' here)

I responded to you in Carters blog.


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