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Monday, September 26, 2005

Part 2 - Crater Lake

the second day of my vacation involved riding in a car for four hours on my way to crater lake. i must say that i would rather drive than ride, but i can't complain too much since i didn't have to pay for food, gas, or the roof over my head during the trip.

here is some extremely plagiarized information about the lake from the brochure i got upon entering the national park.

the beauty and intense blue of crater lake have awed people for generations. five miles wide and ringed by cliffs almost 2,000 feet high, the lake rest in the shattered remnants of a volcano called mt. mazama, which erupted and collapsed into itself 7,700 years ago. later eruptions formed wizard island and other volcanic features, now hidden under the lake. crater lake filled with rain and melted snow. at 1,943 feet deep, it is the deepest lake in the united state and on of the deepest in the world.

we didn't arrive at the lake until later in the day. we entered at the north entrance and stopped to take pictures at 4 different lookout points on our way to the lodge on the south side of the lake. at each look out point there were lots of ground squirrels waiting for food.

after checking into the lodge we went on a small hike on the south rim of the lake. where we got to see the sun set while enjoying the 45 degree weather. that night we ate $28 salmon at the more expensive lodge up the road from ours. my step dad and i were anticipating a chance to see the stars, but it was bitter sweet to have them dowsed by the light of the full moon.

in the morn of the second day it was 30 degrees. the first time i have ever felt below freezing weather in the month of september. we waited for the sun to make it over the mountains and for the temperature to warm up before we went on our hike down to the lake. which according to the sign was equal to going down 150 flights of stairs. it was an amazing hike. i was breath taking experience down by the lake. it is astonishing how clear the water is. i took quite a few pictures during my 24 hours at the lake. i love nature and i fully enjoy capturing it with my camera. i must say that the hike back up the mountain wasn't too hard, but it literally was more of a breath taking experience than hiking down the mountain.

like most of my vacation i wish my stay at the lake could have lasted longer, but alas we had to leave.
**all photos are taken by me**


At 9/28/2005 7:58 AM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

you've settled it - as soon as we can afford it we're gonna take a trip to oregon! thanks for sharing so much about your trip...


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