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Thursday, December 15, 2005

All I Need Is Time

yesterday i wanted to stop by target to buy some dishwashing detergent, but when i took my exit i went the wrong direction. with traffic the way it was i decided to keep going in the direction i was heading and buy my detergent from the devil we call wal-mart. when i first walked into wal-mart i was on a mission. i walked straight to the detergent, picked it up, and started back to the front. then the urge to walk by electronics hit me. the uncontrollable urge to walk to the other side of the store so that i could look at movies and music. i took a quick glance at the music and decided that wasn't what i was interested in. next i started looking at the movies. believe it or not wal-mart has actually raised the prices of their new releases to $19.96. obviously i wasn't going to buy one at that price. what ever happened to $14.76 or $15. 86? from there i decided i would check out the older dvds first i hit the $13.50 section and quickly moved on to the $9.44 section. for some reason i picked up the movie "walking tall" staring the rock. then i moved onto the $5.50 bin. this is this most unorganized bin you will ever see, but it has some great deals if you're willing to dig.

since i had nowhere else to be i decided to organize the bin while i sifted through it. this way i could keep track of what i had and hadn't looked at. about 15 minutes into my sifting i had picked out 3 movies, short circuit, blade, and 60 classic cartoons. at this point my $6 detergent trip has increased to a $34 trip. have you ever picked up something at the store and walked around the store so long that you end up coming to your senses and put it back? i know i have many times. this day was no different. 20 minutes, and a half organized bin later i had put back all four dvds. it was at this time i happily made my way to the check-out counter to pay for my detergent. i would have liked to had bought those movies as well as several more from the more expensive racks, but sometimes all i need is time to come to my senses and realize that i don't need to indulge my materialistic tendencies. especially when i don't have gobs of money to waste of things like that.


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