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Monday, December 12, 2005

My Friday Coffee Date

friday was a fairly relaxing day even though my feng shui was a bit off with all of my furniture piled into my dinning room and bedroom. that evening i had coffee with tanya who i met through yahoo's online dating service. i had fun talking with her and i assume she enjoyed talking with me since we talked for one hour and forty minutes. despite my attraction to her and the fact that we have quite a lot in common, i don't think i will pursue a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with her. there is a religious belief that i feel is a bit to big for two people to have and be dating or married. throughout our many conversations via email and telephone, and our lengthy coffee date, i get the sound impression that she is devote to the Lord. which is something that i'm looking for in a woman, but the kicker is that she feels the bible doesn't allow women to hold leadership positions in church. i'm an easy going guy and this might not be such an issue if i didn't go to a church i love. a church with a woman pastor and women in leadership. her feelings about this caused me to do some research on the subject. after reading six different articles/essays on the subject i have to say that i'm still pro women in leadership, but i do think that tonya and i could be great friends and i will definitely purse that relationship with her. 20 minutes after my coffee date with tonya i called melissa, my coffee date that got canceled on thursday night. i met melissa via msn's online dating service, match.com. we talked on the phone for over an hour. i think i've had six phone conversations with melissa. five of which lasted more than an hour. on top of that i've chatted with her via AIM a couple of times. one for over an hour and another for over four hours. needless to say we enjoy conversing. i've discovered that we have similar interest, opinions, and beliefs. i don't want to speak to soon, but when i compare her to the previous fourteen women i've met via the internet, there's something different. i'm not saying that i think she's the one. i am saying that i feel that she has some real potential and i am very anxious to meet her in person. since we have had so many conversations i want to skip the "safe" coffee date and move on to a more "risky" date of dinner and pete's dueling piano bar. it is said that the best first date with someone you've met online is over something simple. such as coffee, tea, or ice cream. this is so you can easily make an escape if things are going in all the wrong directions, but i can't say that i see that happening.


At 12/12/2005 9:33 AM, Blogger Babs said...

cool! good luck!


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