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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Back To The Grind

i'm going back to the daily grind after six glorious days away from it. i thank God for vacation days. if it wasn't for them some of us wouldn't make it. i also thank God that my job isn't that bad. speaking of jobs, i applied for ten jobs on tuesday via monster.com. nine graphic design jobs and one photo editing job. i still love my part-time job as a financial advisor, but i'm not making enough at the moment to make it a full time gig. since my full time job at the bank ends january 31st i'm looking for a new full time job. i could easily find another job in banking. whether it be at the same bank or a different bank, but i'm want out of banking. so if anyone hears of an opportunity please let me know about it. as long as it doesn't involve banking or mortgage loans because these industries intrude on my licensing as a financial advisor.

i would say the highlight of my vacation was being able to ride my bike. i was able to ride it on monday and tuesday. monday was an easy day of riding through coppell. i only rode for an hour and a half. which means i might have ridden twelve miles. tuesday i rode for two and a half hours and covered twenty miles of lewisville and flowermound. half, the second half, of which was against the wind. though it was tough i still enjoyed it. i know that ride must have worn me out because i slept nearly eleven hours that night, and i hardly ever sleep more than eight when i sleep in.

here is a map of my ride on tuesday.


At 12/15/2005 7:25 AM, Blogger The Monkey Attack Victim said...

You know, you should send your resume to my company. We are always in need of freelance talent at the least, and as The Diva can vouch, those sometimes turn into full time jobs. Just think, working mere miles away from your home. How excellent.


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