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Friday, December 09, 2005

Copper Pipe Changes Plans

yesterday i showed up late to work, two hours late. i was told the day before that this would be okay if i felt that the roads were to bad to show up at 7 am like i normally do. when my alarm clock went off at 5 am all i could hear was 35 south this and 35 south that. so i decided to go ahead and sleep in. after going to work late and finishing my work i decided to leave fifteen minutes early. which was a good thing for me. better than i knew at the time, and here's why.

i arrived home to find that a pipe had burst in my laundry/cloths closet. judging the amount of water on the floor and the speed at which it was shooting out of the wall, it couldn't have broken more than 15 minutes prior to my arrival. yes folks i said the water was shooting. the presure was so strong that it tore a hole in the sheetrock and was spraying into the closet. i did my best forest gump impression and quickly ran to my complex office and told them about the pipe and they said the would send someone right away. then i forest gumped it back to my apartment. it just so happened that i knew where the shut off valve was due to a prior problem a few months ago, and i went outside and turned off the water. it's a really good thing that i knew where it was because the maintenance man didn't come until 30 minutes later! my whole apartment would have been flooded by then.

never the less i had to cancel my coffee date last night. that was probably for the better since she wasn't feeling good that day or the day before for that matter. after shutting off the water i spent the next 3 hours moving and drying furniture, from my living room. moping my bathroom and kitchen, and watching the carpet guys clean my carpet. thankfully my friend, will, and his wife let me stay the night at their place a couple miles away from my apartment. i hadn't talked to will in over three months and i hate the fact that it took a small disaster to make it happen. this is the second time that i've had to stay at his house because of a
utility problem. i totally own him dinner.

because of this my five day weekend will now be a six day weekend. i told my boss that i wouldn't be coming into work today. mostly because i need to be home for the carpet guys and plumber. turns out the plumber came last night after i left. i'm sure this had something to do with the fact that the maintenance man said the valve i turned off provided water for my entire building.

here are some photos of my adventure.

the pipe that burst

the shutoff valve

the closet

living room

fan hard at work

temporary relocation


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At 12/12/2005 2:27 AM, Blogger JMH said...

Chuck Norris would have stared the water into submition, then round-house kicked the tardy technician so hard that the resulting blast would form a 30 foot crater. Just in case you wanted to know.


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