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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Longhorn Win = Free Golf

normally i don't watch college football, but with the texas longhorns playing in the championship game i couldn't help but be surrounded by college football talk. if i was watching tv i heard it. if i was was with friends or even in public i heard it. if i was on the net it was in the headlines. there was just no escaping it. so i decided to embrace it.

now i'm no stranger to football. i know how the game is played. after listening to sports talk on tv and among my friends i started to see how texas really had a good chance to beat usc. i did some research online and compared the two teams. which lead to my prediction that ut would beat usc 38 to 28.

of course very few people would dispute my prediction now, but yesterday they would have been telling me not to be so sure about that. statistically i just couldn't see usc stopping ut's offense, and i was pretty sure ut could control usc's. with this prediction in mind i decided to text message my good friend dj who lives near waco and is anti-ut. the reason i sent him a text was to get him to bet against ut. i bet him a round of golf that ut would win and he accepted and added that the looser had to drive to the winner's town to play. which made sense to me.

the game was an awesome game, and because i had the equivalent of $60 on the line it was an emotional rollercoaster for me. there were big passes, even bigger runs, fumbles, interceptions, and questionable calls. i wasn't sure who would win until the last 19 seconds of the game. it isn't very often i get fired up while watching any sport, but last night was different. i was jumping off the coach, screaming "yes!", "no!", and "oh shit!" at the tv. it was a tense game and i was happy to feel relief after four hours of emotional ups and downs. i don't own any ut clothing, but i think i will buy myself a shirt, hat, and golf glove for my victory round of golf.


At 1/05/2006 4:18 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

Have fun on your golf round! We were sooo excited last night wathching the game, but today I was very tired from staying up past my Kindergarten teacher bedtime.


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