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Monday, January 09, 2006

Quality Time With Friends

on saturday night i hung out with my friend kelly

at her place. we always have a load of fun with each other, but it seems that our paths don't cross as often as they should. i saw kelly at during a recent new year's eve party and we got a chance to catch up a bit and make plans to hang out some time soon.

i proposed that we cook dinner, drink wine, and watch a movie at her place because i didn't have a lot of money to spend on a night out. i'm sure that sounds like i was wanting to put the moves on kelly, but that isn't the case. we are both still single and we always have fun talking about our dating experiences and this evening didn't disappoint, and neither i did the pasta dish that cooked. the movie we watched was the new bewitched with will farrell and nicole kidman. i had never heard of it before but how can you go wrong with will? though the movie was funny. i think it took us 3 hours to watch the 1 1/2 movie. we kept pausing the movie to get more wine and our conversations kept taking center stage over the movie.

i have several friends, both single and married, that i want to spend some quality time with this year. i know we all get busy and engulfed in our own lives, but hopefully kelly was only the beginning of an eventful year.


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