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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That Big Ol' Truck

this past weekend i drove my grandpa's 1992 silverado lewisville with my car on a trailer behind it. there's nothin' wrong with my car. i just needed to borrow my grandpa's truck to help my church move some big stuff and i didn't want to have to drive a gas guzzler for two weeks. so i put my car on a trailer and brought it home with me. drivin' my grandpa's truck reminds me of my 1992 silverado that was stolen a few years ago. if it wasn't stolen i would still be driving it today. driving my grandpa's truck sure does bring back memories and it makes me miss my old truck. for some reason this morning i felt compelled to write lyrics to a song about my truck. this is the first song i've ever written.

i use to,
open the door and jump inside
go on fantastic rides
I went here and there and everywhere
I would drive around without any cares
i roll the windows down and turn the radio up
oh how i loved, that big ol' truck

late one night glass fell to the ground
and someone else drove it straight out of town
from that point on i wouldn't see it again
i loved that truck, i sure miss it man
i wish i were drivin', that big ol' truck

now i zip and zoom in an economy car
on so very little it goes so far
it looks smooth and sleek
as it goes down the street
i roll the windows down and turn the radio up
i fly through town passing everybody up
sometimes i wonder how it'd be
with my girl beside me on my bench seat
i wish i were drivin', that big ol' truck
oh how i loved that big ol' truck


At 3/21/2006 5:24 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

wow, you're quite the song writer!!


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