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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Different Days

since making the decision to become a full time financial advisor my days have been very different. it's almost like i'm on vacation. i don't have a job to wake up and go too and i can't remember the last time i woke up and didn't have a job to go to with the exception of my past vacations and holidays from work. i've spent the past few days calling my friends asking for their help in leading me to people that i can have a 45 minute meeting with to share how it is my company's crusade to help middle america and what that could mean to them. not to mention we provide our services complimentary.

i also emailed several friends whose phone numbers i didn't have for one reason or another, but i must say i've had a better response from calling people than emailing them. at this moment in time i don't feel the angst of not having a w-2 job with a steady paycheck. largely because i'm still receiving pay checks from my last job and will for the next couple of months.

i just hope that my friends and their friends and family are open to meeting with me. most people these days are use to being sold something or are constantly looking for the "catch". also, when i mention what i do they automatically assume that they need lots of money to work with me. i can understand this line of thinking since the rest of the industry won't help those with less than $50k or $100k to invest. it feels good to be the exception to the norm when it is a positive exception. i look foward to business picking up. i look forward to living a life of purpose. a life in which i can impact the lives of others in a postive way.


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