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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Might As Well Have Been Drunk

last night i attended a securities study group down in midlothian. after the study group was over i decided to go hangout with taryn at her place, a couple of miles away. the next thing we know it is 2:00 am. at this point i'm tired and i need to go home. the only problem is home is 45 miles away. i've driven home many times while tired. there has been a couple of times in the past when i fell asleep and woke up a few seconds later in the lane next to me. each time this has happened it scared me to the point that there was not chance of me falling back to sleep.

last night i pushed it too far. last night while driving i once again fell asleep, but this time i paid a higher price than just scaring myself. after falling asleep at the wheel i crossed through the lane to the right of me and woke up to my car scratching the guard rail! this just about scared this shit out of me. from what i can gather i hit the rail while traveling around 50 mph. i thought i really jacked up my car so i took the next exit and pulled into a gas station to assess the damages. to my surprise all i did was scratch off paint in about seven places as well as scratch the hell out of my wheels, but no actually body damage.

while driving the rest of the 10 miles i had left to reach home i thanked God that i was still alive and my car was not messed up. i was really fortunate that all i did was scratch my car. what if i drifted over sooner and hit the end of the rail head on? what if i past the rail and ended up flipping my car in the ditch? what if i clipped another car and caused a serious accident? this truly disturbs me. i might as well have been driving drunk! there have been times in the past when i took a one or two hour nap before going home, but this time i didn't make such a sound decision and it could have cost me dearly. thankfully it will only cost me $500-$750 to fix my car, and i'm even more thankful that the repairs are only cosmetic and don't have to be made for me to operate my car.


At 2/09/2006 8:22 PM, Blogger EL MOL said...

glad you're ok buddy

At 2/09/2006 10:31 PM, Blogger Keymaster said...

Drowsy driving is just as bad as drunk driving. I'm so glad that you're safe and sound.

At 2/10/2006 7:38 AM, Anonymous Ally said...

glad that you are all right. God was watching over you. Be safe.

At 2/10/2006 10:37 AM, Blogger Babs said...

wait we are missing the real point of the story.
were you "hanging out" with Taryn or "HANGING OUT" with Taryn?

At 2/10/2006 11:53 AM, Blogger j-lay said...

i was hanging out in a very respectable manner.

At 2/10/2006 2:03 PM, Anonymous faith said...

wow...I'm so glad you are ok!

I had a friend who died in a head on colision when she fell asleep at the wheel...please be careful!

At 2/10/2006 3:56 PM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

holy crap. toast to you tomorrow night.

At 2/10/2006 4:36 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

O.K. I'll come down there and kick your butt if you EVER do that again! I know you are scared :)


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