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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Step Back In Time

this morning i went to my hometown church to visit my friends while i was in town. as always it was great to see everyone and do a little catching up. i even got to say hi to someone i haven't seen since i graduated seven years ago, but this isn't the point of this post.

the church i went to in my hometown is a traditional southern baptist church. it has the big congregation, a choir, an organ, a piano, and a middle aged male pastor. this morning i was a bit tired and felt a bit deprived of sleep due to the clock skipping an hour, but i was still attentive and in good spirits. despite this i just couldn't get engaged with the service, and it made me think about how much different my church in dallas is in comparison to my church back home. first while singing along with the hymns accompanied by the organ i couldn't help but think "this just doesn't sound good to me." then while the pastor was preaching i kept thinking how i'm just not a fan of the traditional style of preaching. i have really grown fond of singing along with a band and hearing more of a talk than a sermon. it's funny how things gradually change and you don't see how big the difference is until you go back to the beginning.


At 4/03/2006 9:10 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

I can totally hear you on this one! I love my homechurch too, but it is hard to go back there because my taste in worship has changed so mucn! It is amazing how much you change as a person without even realizing it:) Not that my homechurch has ANYTHING bad about it - I just like a different type of worship experience. I can really relate to this post!!


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