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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Laughing At Mad People

do you ever laugh at mad people? i do, specifically people who get mad at something they shouldn't be mad about in the first place. for instance, today while driving home i was in the left turn lane at a light and all i had was a solid green light and not an arrow. so i knew i had to let the on coming traffic have the right of way. all the cars but one had crossed the road. this last car was slowing down and had its blinker on signaling a right hand turn. since i knew the car wasn't going to cross my path i proceeded to turn about the same time the other car did. so we where both turning onto a multiple lane road at the same time. i turned into the far left lane, the lane that was closest to me and the next thing I know i hear a car horn blaring at me. i looked in my rear view mirror and saw a middle aged woman waving her arm and moving her lips all while making a horrid face. it was ridiculously funny to watch.

my question is why was she so mad at me? she had a far right lane to turn into and i had a far left lane. it wasn't like she needed over to the far left to make a sudden left hand turn because there wasn't a left hand turn anywhere near this point and she ended up making a right hand turn soon after we both converged onto the same road. so was i wrong? i don't think so. personally i think she was probably having a pissy day and what i did just didn't sit well with her and she went off on me. i'm glad that i didn't have to listen to her yelling at me because i have a feeling it would have been a lot less funny if i did.


At 4/10/2006 7:06 PM, Blogger el lápiz pequeño said...

my boss has such anger management problems, he always slams doors and stuff, its freaking HILARIOUS.


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