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Monday, April 03, 2006

Two Months Later

all weekend i felt a little strange. it felt strange to know that today would be the the first day in two months that i had to wake up and go to work. it was a bit hard to wake up this morning for a couple reasons. one, is that i haven't had to wake up before 7am very many times in the last 60 days. two, the fact that we lost an hour yesterday. so on my first day of work i crawled out of bed 30 mins later than i wanted, and i arrived at work 10 mins later than expected. it's a good thing that they really don't care. my boss even told me that. he told me that the time i came into work this morning is fine. anytime between 8 and 9 will work for him, but to not make a habit of strolling in around 10. is this not crazy! i'm not one to be late. hell, i'm normally early to work, and most places will cut off your big toe for being late. so this new policy is something i'm not use to, but i am willing to accept it.

the rest of my day went quite well, i was fed a lot of information. it was kind of like drinking from a water hose. i got some of it in me, but there was plenty that passed right on by. i'm happy to say that i passed a challenge that was thrown my way with flying colors. where did that saying ever come from anyway? flying colors, that just doesn't make sense, but how many sayings actually do?


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